Sunday Worship

When we gather for corporate worship on Sunday mornings, our primary purpose is to honor and praise the Triune God. It is not to be entertained, it is not even to be encouraged and fed (though we expect that to happen!), but it is to glorify God. While we want our worship service to be an encouragement to God’s people, and to be the means of challenging us, convicting us and spurring us on to love and good deeds, we want first and foremost for our worship to be pleasing to the Lord.

If you are just visiting the site and have not worshiped with us before, you may get a glimpse of how the service proceeds by viewing a recent bulletin. The music that we sing together in the service (a mix of traditional hymns with piano, and contemporary hymns with guitar) is selected with care and intentionality to reinforce the message of the sermon and Scripture readings.

All generations are well represented in our congregation, from young families with little ones (and even littler ones on the way) to a strong group of godly men and women in their 90s! We worship together with the young alongside the old, as one great family created by and for the Lord Jesus Christ. And while even the very youngest are welcome in the service, nursery is provided for children up through 2 years of age.