Resources for Sunday Home Worship – 3/22/20

Here is a to the 3/22/20 sermon: Our God Is in the Heavens (Psalm 115:1-13). 

That link takes you to our SermonAudio page. You can likewise access sermons on our website (, by clicking on Resources -> Sermons.

Dear Cornerstone Family,

I pray you have had an encouraging week resting in the goodness of God, in spite of the changes many of you are undoubtedly facing in regard to work and school and regular routines. Although we will not be meeting all together this Sunday, we trust that each individual or family will have time set aside for prayer, worship through singing, the reading of God’s word and listening to the preaching of God’s Word on Sunday morning in your own homes.

In this email you will find some passages of Scripture to read and hymns to sing as you gather as a family (or with a few friends) on Sunday morning. Lord willing, I will be recording Sunday’s sermon today and will send out a link to the audio tonight or tomorrow so that you may listen on your computer or phone Sunday morning. Of course, on our Sermon Audio page, there are over 1,000 other sermons from previous weeks, months and years that you may listen to as well.

Below is a suggested format for your worship at home this Sunday:

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:25-34

Prayer – Pray for God’s help to worship Him in spirit and in truth

Singing – Below I am listing a handful of songs and providing links to them on YouTube so that you may sing along with music.  I don’t expect you to sing all of these but you may choose a few from among them. Click here for lyrics if you prefer to print them.

Scripture Reading: Psalm 135

Prayer: Thank the Lord for His answers to prayer and bring before him requests on behalf of your family, church family, the global church, our community and our nation.

Sermon: Our God Is in the Heavens (Psalm 115:1-13)

Singing: Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor              

In Christ,

Jon Patton