Southern Arizona Mission Update (Korties)

Kortie Update December 2018
Report From Arizona City, Arizona

Dear Friends and Family,

Our visit to churches in Colorado and Wyoming was such an encouragement to us. God has blessed us with some amazing contacts through Reformed Baptist Network that have become prayer partners in our ministry and friends to us personally. We left on the trip with our 2009 Honda Fit and came back in 2 vehicles—the Fit and a 1994 Nissan Quest minivan! We’ve been praying for a minivan that we can use in our ministry and God graciously provided. We still dovhave a vehicle fund going, though, as both vehicles have age/miles on them and we do a lot of driving.

After months of studying hard, John was ordained on September 30. It was a blessing to have so many pastors and friends attend. Bethanna watched the service from a hospital room. She had an intestinal infection and had to be on a heavy dosage of antibiotics. It’s a blessing to be able to use technology for the glory of God, and Facebook Live enabled her to participate, even when actually being there was her desire.

All three of us have been attending training courses through ACBC to become Biblical counselors. There is such a need for this in our ministry. We have been blessed with the classes and we even have our first counselees! Pray that we will be able to encourage them in the  Word and that they will love and worship God more fully due to our sessions.

We had a garage sale last weekend with the goal in mind of buying a piano to use in our home for ministry purposes. Praise the Lord, we met the goal! The piano needs tuning and Bethanna is rusty from not playing in a while, but it has been fun to have one in our home again. We praise God for a friend/supporter volunteering to pay for the tuning!

We have several groups that are planning to visit and help us in our ministry. Our first one from California is coming just after Christmas. They will be doing a VBS in the villages of Chuichu and possibly another village. Pray for both children and adults to attend so that they can hear the Gospel clearly proclaimed.

Above is the Google Earth image of the village of Chuichu. There are approximately 80 homes in  his village. On Sunday afternoons we have been going door-to-door, trying to meet everyone in the village to start building a relationship with them. We’re averaging about 3 in 10 homes that have been receptive to us praying with them and some of them are wanting a Bible. Most of the people we talk to say that they’re Catholic, they’re good and don’t need prayer right now. We  met a man last week that is willing to talk to the village elders regarding finding a place for us to meet for Bible studies. He is a Christian and has been trying to evangelize in other villages himself. Pray for Lee and his son James to be encouraged in the Word and be able to join us for Bible studies in the near future.

Here’s a funny picture from a couple weeks ago. We saw a young wolf sitting by the dumpster guarding a dead cat, which was presumably going to be his dinner:

Vanessa and the kids are doing great. We don’t get to see them much since we moved. They have been attending the church in Three Points that Bethanna’s dad pastors. In doing so, she has gotten to know Gabriel Antonio, an O’odham man from the village of Pan Tak who was saved in the jail ministry about 3 years ago. We have been impressed with Gabriel’s growth in the Word and his consistent walk with Christ. They will be getting married November 17 at the church in Three Points. The kids all love Gabe and already call him Dad. Pray for them as they desire to raise up a godly family.

It’s time to start sending in your blankets and Scripture art for our Christmas project. We have had a great response and interest in this project, even as far away as Australia! We’d like to have all the blankets sent to us by the end of November or beginning of December, if possible, so that we can be ready to give them before Christmas. If you are just now hearing of this project and are disappointed that you won’t be able to get blankets done in time, fear not! We will be doing the same idea at the nursing home on the Akimel O’odham reservation next year, so you can get a head start now!


  • Chuichu visits—pray for Carlene, Esparanza, Lucy, Shea, Lee and James. Pray that we will be able to share the love of Christ more fully with them and others that we meet.
  • ESV Bibles—we have several right now but will need more soon as we try to put God’s Word in each home in Chuichu. We’ve been giving away the ESV premium gift Bibles from Crossway. They seem to be of a nice quality that will last without being too expensive.
  • We’d like to give a copy of Pursuing God by Jim Elliff to the ones who have shown a particular interest in our visits. If you can help with this, it would be a real blessing.

By God’s Grace and For His Glory,

John, Bethanna and Jane Michaela Kortie
Proverbs 3:5-6