Our Foundation

Cornerstone Bible Fellowship is founded on the standards set forth in the Word of God. Like the early church, we meet on the first day of the week to worship and praise our living, reigning Lord. We gather regularly to be instructed from God’s Word that we may grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we obediently unite in worship, we experience dynamic fellowship and love for one another and are strengthened spiritually to carry out our Lord’s commission to go and make disciples of all nations. Bible study and prayer are essential to the process of growth in sanctification.  We meet weekly for prayer, one of the most important services of the church. If attendance cannot be regular, members are urged to come whenever possible to receive the benefits of this service. Personal Bible study and prayer are vital to the Christian and should be pursued each day.

The Church is the Body of Christ

We recognize that our local church is only a small segment of that world-wide body from all ages. Cornerstone is a member of the Reformed Baptist Network (RBN), while pursuing unity with Christ’s true Church everywhere. Christ is the Head of this body, and this local church, as well as our personal lives, must operate in conformity to His Word. Our first loyalty is to Him and the work of His kingdom.  We must be obedient members of His body and acknowledge the value of every other member to the efficient working of the whole, as He has directed us (see 1 Corinthians 12; Ephesians 4:16). As a local congregation, we choose and support our own missionaries.

The Church is a Community of Faith

The Church also exists as the family of God. In this regard, we are brothers and sisters in Him and seek to maintain a family relationship with each other. We have responsibilities and loyalties to one another, and each must be considered a worthy and essential part of the family. Each person has a place of service in the fellowship and is expected to carry out their responsibilities as within a family. Christ is the Head of this family, and we do everything possible to keep out anything which would hurt or disrupt its members. Each of us is far from perfect, but we love and accept each another in spite of our faults. We rejoice with those who rejoice and sorrow with the sorrowing. We seek to bear each other’s burdens, following Christ’s example. We cannot tolerate discord, criticism or suspicious attitudes of brothers or sisters. Rather, we must protect and encourage each other, strengthening rather than tearing others down. Our Lord warned, “A house divided against itself will fall.”

The Church is Called to Serve

In the spirit of the early church, we place great emphasis on exercising the love of God. As we give of ourselves in grateful response to our great God, we experience the blessing and benefits of His eternal kingdom. We urge our brothers and sisters in Christ to find their place and assume the area of ministry to which Christ has called them.