Our Core Values


As the highest part of God’s creation, we were designed to be in a relationship with Him. Instead, we have turned our backs on our Creator and have chosen to live apart from Him. This is what the Bible calls “sin.” As part of our alienation from God, we often try to put ourselves in God’s favor by being nice, doing good deeds, going to church, or being religious. None of that gives us right standing with God. The problem is in our hearts, where we are by nature opposed to God.

As a result, there is an infinite chasm between us and God—that only God can bridge. By becoming a man in the person of Jesus and taking the penalty of our actions upon Himself on the cross, God opened the door for us to become more than His creation—His children. With that changed identity is a unique power to live a new kind of life as we experience a relationship with Him. The Gospel is this good news — that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we can be rescued from the power and penalty of sin, to know God and enjoy Him forever.

Kingdom of God

The gospel is at the heart of a new kind of kingdom, the Kingdom of God. The power of God’s kingdom has entered history through Jesus Christ to renew the whole world. As a church, we are both model and agent of the Kingdom of God and a witness to its unique priorities — loving and serving one another, ministering to the poor, upholding social justice, being generous with our resources, being a light in the darkness, serving God with our heart, soul, mind and strength. As witnesses to God’s kingdom, we experience this kingdom reality transforming everything under His reign.

There is not a square inch in all of Creation over which Christ does not say, ‘That is Mine’! — Abraham Kuyper


The reality of the gospel radically changes how we pray. Prayer is no longer a duty but intimate communication with our heavenly Father. We desire to be a community that prays regularly, corporately and individually. As the beauty of the gospel becomes more real to us, it fuels our desire to connect to God through prayer. It is in the center of prayer that we praise God for who He is, confess our shortcomings, thank Him for forgiveness and present to Him our personal and private needs, as well as those of our church, our community, our city and the world. Knowing the loving heart of our heavenly Father, we pray in anticipation for how God will listen and respond to each of our prayers. He does not always answer them in the way we expect, but we know that He is answering them in the ways that are best — for our good and for His glory.