Resources for Sunday Home Worship – 3/29/20

Dear Cornerstone Family,

Greetings to you in the name of our great and merciful Savior, Jesus Christ! We are infinitely blessed to be loved by God and redeemed by Him. We pray that the joy of our salvation would be known and felt among us and in our homes as we gather to worship our Lord who alone is worthy of all worship.

You may recall that we had originally planned to be hosting Charles Hart (a candidate for an associate pastor role) this Sunday, March 29. That visit is being rescheduled, but we thought in the meantime that we would maintain the opportunity to hear his preaching this weekend, as we share a sermon of his that was preached at Carey Baptist Church, England (his home church) in 2018. The sermon is on 1 Peter 1. You can access it through the link below.

Pastor Adams mentioned something very helpful in his first “Daily Message” on Monday … he reminded us that for those who are gathering for morning worship as families with children, we have a unique opportunity to explain things to our kids from the sermon we are listening to or the songs that we sing. We can pause a song to explain a verse, or pause the sermon to explain a point, to help our children grasp the meaning of what they are singing or hearing. Let’s make the most of these opportunities before us.

Here is a suggested guide to your morning worship this Sunday:

Scripture Reading: Psalm 98


Use Psalm 98 to focus your prayer, giving thanks to God for his steadfast love, faithfulness and great salvation that he has revealed through Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. This wondrous God, who is worthy of the worship of all creation—and for whose coming all creation (“the seas, rivers and hills”) waits with longing—invites us to enter His presence. What a tremendous privilege we have! And just as the psalmist looks forward to the LORD’s coming to “judge the earth”—to make all things right—so our prayer of praise and thanksgiving should look forward to the same.


Below I am listing a handful of songs and providing links to them on YouTube so that you may sing along with music. I don’t expect you to sing all of these but you may choose a few from among them. Click here for lyrics if you prefer to print them.

Scripture Reading: Revelation 21:1-7


Revelation 21:1-7 depicts a day that is coming when “death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things” will have passed away. We look forward with hope and joyful expectation to the return of Christ and the complete redemption of the world and our bodies. Until then, though, we deal with the reality of sin and its consequences, and all that’s involved with living in a fallen world. As such, we have many needs that we are to bring humbly before the Lord, acknowledging Him as our help and our shield. We encourage you to use the prayer requests (and items for praise) that were sent out on Friday to guide you in a time of prayers for your family, your church and our nation. Pray that many would be brought to recognize the idols they love and worship and be brought to repentance.

Sermon: “An Imperishable Salvation” (1 Peter 1) Charles Hart

Singing: All Glory Be to Christ