Southern Arizona Mission Update (Korties)

Kortie Update August 2017
Report From Tucson, Arizona

Dear Friends and Family,

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

We are still in a holding pattern as far as moving goes, but we are trusting in God to lead us in the paths He has chosen, in the timing that He has set. We have to wait for the 2-year “on-the-job” mark to get approved for a mortgage. September 5 will be that mark. We have been looking at homes in both Casa Grande and Arizona City. Pray that we will trust in the Lord’s provision of the home that will be perfect for our family and ministry needs.

We held the introductory to our Bible study in Chuichu on August 22. We were able to purchase some ESV Bibles to pass out to everyone, as well as the handbook for Christianity Explored. We plan to meet every 2 weeks until we are able to move closer. Right now, the drive is one and a half hours, so meeting every week would be difficult. We were excited to learn that the building we will be using was once used as a Baptist church! The building is a one-room block structure (there’s not even a bathroom). We are so excited to have a place to meet, though. As time progresses we will assess our needs and let you know how to pray.

John still hasn’t gotten his approval for ministry in the jail on the Gila River reservation, but he is still actively preaching in the jail in Sells. It really is one of the highlights of his week. He’s still preaching through the book of Matthew.

Continue in prayer for Gregg and Vanessa and their children. Gregg is in incarceration now until his sentencing in October. We were able to see him while he was still in Sells. He was trusting in the Lord and excited to be sharing Christ with other inmates. He saw a Bible in the jail that another inmate had been reading and asked if he could borrow it. When he opened it up he found our prayer card inside! John gives them to each inmate when their release date arrives so that they can call if they need anything. Evidently one had been left behind and Gregg found it! He asked the other inmate if he could keep it. He was excited because one of the pictures on it has his kids in it! When he was transferred to federal prison he was allowed to keep the card. Pray for us to be able to get a Bible to him and to see him soon. He’s in Florence, which is close to Casa Grande. Rules are a bit stricter in the federal prison than in the O’odham jail. If any of you would like to write to him, I know he would appreciate the encouragement. Notify us and we will pass on his address.

Vanessa is doing well, even though she and the kids miss Gregg very much. She is working Monday – Friday and going to school Monday – Thursday to get her GED. Her kids are back in school, too. They are also trusting God to see them through this time. She is a strong woman and has a beautiful faith in Christ.

We recently celebrated Bethanna’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. It was great to see so much of the family here. Alex and Kendra were able to come from Tennessee for a few days. We’ve included some pictures of their visit.

School has started for Jane Michaela once again—she is a junior this year! We have joined a homeschool co-op to help especially with math and science. Bethanna is very thankful to have someone teach those subjects! Bethanna is co-teaching speech at the co-op as well. It seems to be a good fit for our family.

We’ve registered for the Reformed Baptist Network conference to be held in Michigan in November. I don’t know how us Arizonans will fare in the cold north, but we’re looking forward to the times of fellowship and preaching.

We appreciate your prayers and support, and especially love to hear from you. Let us know what God is doing in your life.

By God’s Grace and For His Glory,

The Korties
John, Bethanna and Jane Michaela