Tohono O’odham Nation Mission Update (Korties)

Dear Loved Ones, Just three more weeks until school starts here! We are old-school around here—we start the Tuesday after Labor Day. It has been a good summer, but it’s always good to go back to the routine of the school year.

We have seen several people visit the ministry over the summer. It was a privilege to take them onto the reservation and show them villages, introduce them to some of the dear people we know here and have them in our home. Our visitors came from all over America—from California to South Carolina. When can you come visit?

Jane Michaela had the privilege of going to South Carolina in July during Grace Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School. She enjoyed seeing friends and family and visiting our home church. While she was there the kids from the VBS took up an offering for us to use in the ministry here. We are excited to be able to order 100+ Jesus Storybook Bibles to use in our Christmas Bag program. If you aren’t familiar with this book, check it out and you will love it.

John, Dad and Doug continue to minister to the men in the Sells jail. Pray that these men will gain a true understanding of the Gospel. We have seen repentance in a couple of the men that seems genuine. Their faith is still young and fragile, but Jesus is greater than all our trials and temptations. The men have started a discipleship group for the men in Sells on Tuesday evenings after the jail ministry. There are a handful of men who attend regularly. We are encouraged with their growth. Please pray that they will stand strong against the many temptations that they face all around them on a daily basis.

Gregg and Vanessa are still faithfully attending church services both in Sells and here in Three Points. They love Jesus and are learning to trust in God’s sovereign will over their lives. Pray for their continued growth.

Gabriel has been picked up for a parole violation. He had a moment of weakness involving alcohol and he owned up to it by calling his parole officer, knowing he would be put back in jail. He has a court hearing coming up in a week. Pray that John will be able to see him soon to encourage him.

At the beginning of this month we visited several churches in California, Nevada and Arizona to introduce ourselves and the mission work. We really enjoyed meeting new people, getting reacquainted with old friends and telling others what the Lord is doing here in southern Arizona.

During the summer months we have had two cook-outs in Sells to invite folks in to hear the Gospel. We have had very good turn-outs and hope to see some of those people in church. This past week we had a free garage “sale”. It was so exciting to see people finding things that they needed. Gregg found a massage chair and a wax warmer with the wax melts. He was looking forward to setting up a corner in his house to be able to spoil Vanessa, even planning to bring her iced tea and take the kids for a while. It blessed our hearts to hear his love for his wife.

School is just around the corner! We have six students enrolled this year, all of which were here last year. It will be a small school, but we are looking forward to a good year. If anyone is interested in helping with tuition costs it would be greatly appreciated. The cost is $325 per child for the entire year, which covers curriculum, testing, registration and fine arts supplies. We don’t charge for teachers’ salaries as it is a ministry of the church. The church also covers the cost of utilities.

There are 2-3 church groups looking at coming to help out here at the mission in December and January. That will be a busy time of adding on to our 672 square foot mobile home. We would like to have more space to be able to host others in our home. The plan is to add on to our existing kitchen and living rooms, add a storage room and laundry room and a small study for John. We have almost half of the $16,000 needed for the project, but will just build on with what we have and wait for the Lord to provide the rest in His perfect timing. We are so grateful to others who are skilled in areas where we are not and who are willing to give of their time.

We will also be distributing Christmas bags to the children of the jail ministry when the groups are here. Several people have expressed interest in participating in this ministry. There are many ways to get involved: handmade items (dishcloths, scarves, bracelets for adults or children, small toys for boys or girls), practical items (soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.), fun items (coloring books for children or adults, card or board games, etc.), and a whole host of other things. If there is anything you would like to personally donate, you can send them to Faith Baptist Mission and mark it for the Christmas bag program.


  • Jane Michaela in her sophomore year of high school.
  • John as seminary starts up again soon.
  • Bethanna in her various secretarial and music tasks. She has been experiencing wrist tendinitis and is seeing a specialist soon. This has made typing and playing the piano painful and difficult
  • Gabriel, Gregg and Vanessa to grow in the Lord.
  • Funds for the add-on to our trailer, if the Lord sees fit.


  • Christmas bag program
  • School scholarships

By God’s Grace and for His Glory,
John, Bethanna and Jane Kortie
Faith Baptist Mission
11080 S. Brandwine Lane Tucson, AZ 85736