Dr. Tedd Tripp

We’re excited to have Dr. Tedd Tripp at Cornerstone on October 2-4. He’ll give our long-anticipated Instructing Your Child’s Heart Conference on Friday and Saturday. Dr. Tripp’s valuable books for parents have sold over 2 million copies worldwide!

God’s work of reformation continues in this all-important area of family life. In 1970 Dr. Jay Adams’ book Competent to Counsel burst upon Christian churches and seminaries with a call to return to God’s Word as the foundation for Christian counseling. There are now perhaps a dozen counseling and family ministry organizations that have answered the call. The help that Dr. Adams has given the Christian church can hardly be overstated. Albert Mohler, Jr., (President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) from a younger generation observes:

The rise of the biblical counseling movement has been one of the most important developments within Evangelical Christianity.” Heath Lambert adds: “Adams is gospel centered. In fact, if we’ve got to give credit where credit is due, he was the first authentically gospel-centered counselor in over 100 years.

God has wonderfully blessed the work of Tedd Tripp in carrying on this work of counseling parents on shepherding their children’s hearts.

Let’s pray that we will be revived and renewed in this great task of guiding our children’s hearts in God’s ways (Prov. 4:23) so that we may see future generations follow Christ as His kingdom expands throughout the earth!